Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Starved Nation.

The weight of truth is bearing down its unmistakable cry as gasps herald the end. This is no way to die, this is no way to bend.

The unbreakable one sits high on a thrown of centuries unjust, for the food on which he gorges himself is no longer fit for the starving animals beneath. He is a stale being, and I will scrape him hollow.

Where these truths are self-evident, they are unrecognizable. Democracy never flourished so like a withered flower held up in hope to a dim light. And so they starve, we all fall and let them eat cake.

This was our last mistake.

The secrets beneath our sun are dying, falling from grace like a forgotten orbit of a lost planet somewhere out there in the cold.

And frostbitten, we rip out our tongues so that we should be silenced by self-evident lies. The curtain tears in two, a covenant bond is made. But how far that covenant reaches, and it will destroy everything like a virus whose environmental heat is just enough to thrive.

We tear down under animals from the pressure of the banquet, gorge ourselves like the king who lost his way.

But he told me a truth once, and that was that he still had some manner of faith.

Where we are permitted to decry our most stripped parts from the scraps of digested wisdom, we cut out the hypocrisy to breathe air of a freshly-buried secret. So many generations inherit this, the kingdom of sin.

But nothing is original, and so I borrow my tears from the wellspring of malice set down centuries before.

Where has the faith ever gotten us but regurgitated joy in a false existence?

At least aged wine tastes good, though bitter. And it is in that creation that we fall drunk to the truth.

For in some well-meaning state of mind, at least we care enough not to upset our stomachs.

When the sickness does pass, and pass it will…I will not be so quick to eat of the forbidden life.

For such was a lie the serpent told, and such is our humanity. Yet the floodgates will open. I will pour out my mouth and stomach, and you will see within me this:

A hollow being who is so capable of love that you will not hesitate to cut me down.

Drunk you all are, and in your inebriance drowned.

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