Thursday, July 7, 2011

Royal Order.

Expand these castle walls beyond all understanding
Crooked hearts turning locks
To open doors of spiked knowledge
Marriage of falsehood scratched
Into the cosmos of filtered shutters
The light touches my fissures
Exposing my negative thoughts
The image of broken men
A history of fibers ripped clean from
Woven tapestries
Incorporate solid lines
Defying zero
Masking cloth and curtains
Where I drown into the colors of a dawn speculation
I open the windows to let in the sun
Only to be met by waves of intolerance
A cruel world
A sick innocence
And this is the weeping room
This is the crying message
Addressed to a king with no crown
I fall, begging
Bow down
As my walls collide, sweeping in
I realize
This geography is cracked
But if I rework my boundaries enough
I may just win the war
And the man in the iron mask will laugh
Because he saw it all
He saw it all coming
Paint chipped
I slip
We fall, we crawl
And the one in shackles is me.

Weeping room, sweeping sea
Bride and groom
The strewn tides set free,
And this is how
I expand my geography.

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