Thursday, July 21, 2011


I promise to wake you
When your suffering ends
As I all but slam the door of my heart shut
In the faces of my many suitors.

It is best I leave this room for you
To do with as you please
To repaint the walls
That all memory of my last stand
Should be gone from the casing
Which erodes away my mighty resolve.

Acid has melted my greatest dreams into nightmares;
I can no longer stand nor keep my wits about me.
Books have burned, the pages that once kept me alive
Have been written over, scribbled out in malice and hatred.

You entered in determination
Ripped off the hinges and drew a window
To replace the door as something shut
And through it, I beheld the faces
Before they arrived.

As now you have forced your company upon me,
I have seen fit
Am compelled
To make you stay, that you might be the only face
I allow to dwell in the deepest room of my heart.

Perhaps the doorframe was not truly a door,
But a mirror, for I beheld my reflection in one
Who is not me.

What makes us beings so reckless?

You walked to the window and I see one
Who is not welcome to show his face
And there you stand, captivated by
A figure in the night
So far removed from you
I am plagued by the beating
The ground beneath me shudders
As these four walls break to crush
My only strength into fragile, harsh seas.

You easily claim all the remains of me.

I beg you to shut the door and repaint these walls
Before we crack under the pressure of one.

I promise to wake you, love.
Your eyes are as mirrors I promise to open.

So tie him up, board up the windows. And may you paint your heart with the song of me.

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