Saturday, June 25, 2011

The first book in my vampire series "The Orphaned Ones" is coming soon!!

This one is particularly exciting for me, since I don't consider Blue Car Racer to be one of my best books. It took me about six months to complete, whereas The Orphaned Ones took me an entire year, and it's taken me about two or three weeks to edit it. I need to do another run-through, because this book (and the following series) is the project I most believe in. The interior design is something I'm very satisfied with as well so far, since I've added small illustrations to each chapter header. I'm putting the most work into it, because I treat this story like it's my baby.

Here's the synopsis:

London, 1948. After over a decade plagued by many trials, a young boy named Nigel Wilson seeks to put the past behind him by requesting the aid of a British colonel to track down his former companions from Stockwell Orphanage with whom he traveled during World War II in Nazi-occupied France.

But Nigel hides a dark secret, and in recounting the story of his childhood, he risks both his own life and the lives of those he is searching for. Either way, it no longer matters. Time is running out for his kind.

The Orphaned Ones is the first in a series of interconnected tales concerning vampires called Orphans who have been abandoned by their makers and are prone to insanity, forced to suffer the fate of their bloodlust alone. Orphans and their transformed offspring are naturally more in touch with human emotions than those who descend from the Laodicean Council, a ruling class of their kind who have remained in tightly controlled covens since the fourth century. Shielding their existence from humanity is the Council's top priority.

But with the war becoming perilous and the Orphan population quickly growing out of control, the Council soon resorts to using far more dangerous tactics by joining human causes to fight their battles in secrecy whilst driving out the remaining opposition.

Now after decades of living in the shadows, the Orphans' last remaining hope lies in a man named Madeus--the father of all vampires--who is rumored to have the ability to transform them back into humans. But the Laodiceans are also searching for their common destroy him.

It is only a matter of who finds the creator first.

Combined with taking place in a historical context, there are many supernatural elements that will come into play within the series as well. Some of which are the most important will be the vampires' shadows and Shadowmancers, The Sightless children, Madeus and his brother, and Ezra's relationship with his mother.

The series jumps around a bit and does not necessarily follow a chronological order. The first two books and the last one could easily be read in order; however, you would miss quite a bit of the story. For example, the third book rewinds back to a minor point from the first in which a human is bitten and falls into a vampiric coma, so the story is about his journey.

Each story is interconnected with another, so there are literally an infinite amount of tales I could write within the context of this series.

My only hope is that I haven't bitten off more than I can chew. It does involve quite a lot of research, but I rather enjoy learning about history that wasn't taught to me in high school or community college.

One thing I should point out is that since the narrator of The Orphaned Ones is British, the book is written in UK English, so some of the spelling on certain words is different. Also, there are no periods after a title abbreviation such as "Mr." or "Mrs." as we have here in the States. It may be a bit over-the-top, but I wanted to be as authentic and historically accurate as possible.

So that's some news on The Orphaned Ones!! I'll be putting it out in paperback form first, just because I'm having so much fun with designing everything to be as beautiful as it can be since this story means the most to me.

Tentatively, I should have it finished by the end of July. Stay tuned!! =)

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