Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Release updates

I should probably be keeping this blog a bit more active than I have. I must admit that I've fallen into the horrible trap of addicting TV shows, most recently Showtime's version of the UK series Shameless. There's also Glee, which is yet another guilty pleasure of mine. I don't care how campy or unrealistic television shows sometimes are. There's just something about them that's so immersing.

Anyway, let me cut the crap. I've been scrambling away at trying to get all my cover art done for the books I have planned so I don't have to do it last minute. Fortunately in between that time, I've also begun work on writing the sequel to my vampire novel The Orphaned Ones. My formula for writing now is that I'll be editing one book while simultaneously writing the next within the same time frame.

That said, my younger sister is currently proofreading/editing Blue Car Racer to catch what I missed during my two edit runs, so hopefully she'll be done within a week or so. After that, I'll apply what changes she made and post it on Amazon Kindle. I'm uncertain as to whether I'll make it DRM-free or not. I might, only because I wouldn't want people to lose it should they ever decide to switch eReaders and want to format it for a new device or make a backup copy.

You never lose your copyright. Sure, you might end up sacrificing sales a bit for being a first-time author, but getting my name out there is equally as important to me as making some money off my work.

I'll say that I should have Blue Car Racer available for purchase no later than the 23rd, but mind you, that's just a rough estimate. I'd say for sure if I could, and I'll be sure to do so in the future since I know it would be annoying not to know when exactly. I'm currently pitching it out for reviews on book blogs, but most of them are busy lately.

As far as The Orphaned Ones goes, I'm shooting for a summer release. The sequel Purgatory Road should be up sometimes in November or December, but hopefully earlier. I'm not good at estimating right now since I don't know how much time I'll have. I have multiple projects planned, so it might get difficult to keep up with everything.

Anyway, that's all the news I have for now. I have to get back to working on Purgatory Road. =)

Oh, and here's an updated cover for The Orphaned Ones:

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  1. Thanks for the update. Why would you lose revenue going drm free? Actually, I'm not sure what DRM