Monday, April 18, 2011

BLUE CAR RACER slated for release in May on Kindle!! =)

So here's the story. I've been working like a mad dog, and I've recently discovered a few very important things:

1) Caleb Warnock's blog
2) My novels involve far too much unnecessary turmoil and tears
3) YA novels really resonate with me (i.e. Paranoid Park by Blake Nelson...I finished it in 2 days)
4) The next book I'm going to buy is Party by Tom Leveen
5) I love teenage characters
6) I love Skittles
7) A novel is best formatted BEFORE you begin writing it
8) I enjoy making book covers a little too much
9) I need to get hopping on vampire series again, and finally....

10) I'm nearly done with all edits on Blue Car Racer. I just need my sister to read through it next month after she finishes her law classes so I can get a more thorough opinion.

Also, here's the updated cover:

I'll be releasing this first as an eBook on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook and maybe on SmashWords as well. This is only because I don't have the necessary funds right now for paperbacks, but we'll see how the eBooks do first.

I have to admit that I was thinking of sending this out to Sarah LaPolla at Curtis Brown, Ltd. since she's interested in coming-of-age stories, but the truth of this is that I need to put my stuff out there to get my name out and also because I've done so much work with formatting and covers and title pages already that to throw all that away for a traditional publisher for this work would be a waste, at least in my eyes.

I'm working my ass off because I'm very passionate about this, even if I'm slowly growing to hate this story since I've read through it so many times, but I'm finishing up my second editing run for now and then I'll be DONE with it for a while to get some beta readers and opinions on it before I release it.

Here's the summary that'll be included on the back cover:

It's 1993 and Colin Dirk is a quiet, lonely boy who clings tightly to two possessions: an over-sized hunter's cap and a blue Hot Wheels race car.

After living through the pain and trauma of his father's death in the Gulf War, he doesn't seem eager to grow up and face reality.

Being bullied at school by Aaron Kinkirk only makes matters worse; that is until Colin meets Eric, a former friend of Aaron's who has begun to stick up for him.

But Eric has a dark side of his own.

Loyalty will be tested. Truth leads to anger. And the most painful of secrets, when laid bare, will change everything about the race.

Can Colin learn to grow up before it's too late?

Hmmm...on second thought...I think I might try that e-query. Can't hurt, right? Write!!! =)

More news later, I'll post the release date when I'm confident, if of course I don't hear anything back from a literary agency. I'll keep trying. I'm not burnt out yet!!!

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