Thursday, March 10, 2011

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I'm sorry I haven't really kept up on this blog since I started, and that'd probably be a good idea since I'm trying to get the word out about my stuff everywhere. Just as a rule of thumb, when there's nothing here, I can PROMISE you that my Tumblr is worth checking out since I update it daily with my poetry and other things I'm working on or that interest me. =)

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As far as Blue Car Racer is going, I'm currently 3 chapters away from the end, which is very exciting!! This is minus the time I need for editing of course, but it's always nice to feel accomplished about something.

Speaking of editing, I still have yet to begin the arduous task of cutting into the first complete novel in my vampire series entitled The Orphaned Ones. I have five books planned, and they are more along the horror/suspense/thriller line and are a bit more geared to adults.

The historical research I've done for it is quite complex and I'm extremely excited and proud to make this idea a reality. If you enjoy horror and suspense along with a thrilling historical plot line, this vampire series will be for you. However, if you enjoy paranormal romance, I'm sorry to say that it involves very little, though I have plans to include some of that in at least one of the books in the series for those who would not mind waiting.

It's tough to describe in so many words, but there's quite a lot of emotion within The Orphaned Ones.

Here's the query letter I've been sending off for it:

Following the misery and torment of World War II, a young boy named Nigel Wilson searches for several friends with whom he grew up so that he might regain some semblance of the family he lost…or so it first seems to the British colonel whose aid he has requested.

Nigel, in being considered an Orphan vampire, is faced with a problem greater than any mortal might understand, which could explain why he is so hesitant to tell his story to a human. But in doing so, he hopes to track down the last of his kind and save them from the clutches of the ruthless Council, a ruling class of vampires who has branded all outcasts as “Orphans”; those who have been abandoned by their makers, left to suffer the fate of their bloodlust alone. Killing indiscriminately and prone to insanity, the Council sees all Orphans and their transformed offspring as a threat to expose their existence to humans and so actively hunts them down.

Nigel begins by recalling his story as a young boy whose orchard farmer parents could no longer afford to care for him following the Great Depression. Desperate, they left him in the hands of their longtime friend Emma Eldridge and her three sons Thomas, Daniel, and Arthur. When Emma dies however, Nigel’s life—along with the only family he’s ever known—begins to rapidly deteriorate.

Following his relocation with Arthur to an orphanage in London, Nigel begins to have rather strange dreams of being saved from drowning. Even stranger is that following the arrival of a mysterious young immigrant boy one night, several children fall ill with typhus-like symptoms. Remembering only a shadow of the hand which saved him in his dreams, Nigel is convinced that this new boy may be a sign and grows compelled to follow him, much to the discouragement of his newfound friends.

He soon discovers that the boy’s name is Ara and as the two grow closer, Nigel unwittingly abandons everyone else. But there is more to Ara than meets the eye. After following a very lucid dream and awakening from a coma, Nigel finds himself in the extremely painful throes of his transformation. When he and Ara then turn the rest of his friends, the boys escape the confines of the orphanage.

But with the human war threatening the country, everything becomes far more dangerous for Orphan vampires when the Council begins to use the events as an opportunity to capture any who attempt to flee to neutral lands. And so the boys are forced to run straight into the danger, mystery, and darkness of Nazi-occupied France while at the same time battling constant dissension amongst themselves as they struggle to maintain a sense of their lingering humanity.

Full of intrigue, emotion, and adventure, my first novel THE ORPHANED ONES is a thrilling suspense tale complete at 120,000 words.

Before anyone comments, I know. To be completely honest, I'm sort of balking at that 120,000 word mark myself. I realize it was premature of me to be sending this off without having fully edited the manuscript yet, which would likely cut out a great deal of words (as well as my dreaded and possibly pointless Chapter 15 ::shudder::...yes, I'm always shuddering about Chapter 15 like it's a looming monster). I still have yet to edit it.

I will also say that I've only gotten rejected about four times for this, which I know is nowhere near a fair share of rejection letters (if there even is a fair number to have), mainly due to my laziness in sending out more queries. I tend to slack off with that a lot since I'm usually working on other novels.

While I am aware this takes much more work than I've been putting into it lately, I am technically only just beginning.

I have to admit that my decision to write novels only recently came about this past year. I made a deal with myself that if I could actually sit down and finish one, then I'd strive to become a novelist and not only a poet (though I've written enough poetry to span several books). I just find that writing novels is a bit more practical and lucrative, so that is what I'm striving to do.

Above all, I long to share my dreams and ideas with the world. That's why I write, so that even if it is only for a while, I may bring others into the many worlds that are taking shape inside my head.

I'll try to update a bit more often, but in the meantime, check out my Tumblr =)

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  1. I'm really interested to see what you do with 'The Orphaned Ones'. The Idea of vampires struggling with Nazis is a really cool concept. I wonder how the council will interact with the human war.