Thursday, February 17, 2011

Upcoming "Blue Car Racer" novel summary!!

It's 1993 and Colin Dirk is a quiet, lonely boy who clings tightly to two possessions: an over-sized hunter's cap and a blue Hot Wheels race car.

After living through the pain and trauma of his father's death in the Gulf War, Colin doesn't seem eager to grow up and face adolescence with the same enthusiasm as his peers, a problem which worries his mother. Being bullied at school by Aaron Kinkirk only makes matters worse; that is until Colin meets Eric, a former friend of Aaron's who has begun to stick up for him.

Eric offers to help Colin break out of his shell, but he also has many secrets for which Colin may be unprepared to deal with.When the two go exploring in the woods one day, an unfortunate accident sets off a chain of events which threatens to destroy both of their lives as well as Aaron's.

Loyalty will be tested. Truth leads to anger and resentment. And the darkest of secrets, when laid bare, will change everything about the race.

On the roads of life, some go fast and some go slow...but at the intersection of choice, we must all face our destiny before we can ever hope to move on.

First of all, I can't wait to tell you how excited I am to get this story out. I consider it a young adult novel, though some of the subject matter is a bit heavier for the genre, I think it fits and teens wouldn't have a problem reading it. There's some language and mild violence, and a brief kiss scene between two boys.

First and foremost, this is a coming-of-age suspense story about truly growing up, and I've made it as realistic as possible without censoring any language or insults. Some of the situations are a bit intense. I'll be editing it over the next few weeks and I hope to have it up on Kindle within the next month or so, so bear with me as I make the finishing touches. But while you're waiting, you can read the first 9 chapters for free HERE.

Enjoy!! =) As always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!!

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